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I spend most of my day with my hands on the keyboard and a web browser open. So, one feature I’ve come to absolutely love is Firefox’s inline autocomplete. Basically what this means is that when you’re typing into the address bar a URL, and you’ve visited a similarly named site before (for instance, I type in “goo” and is in my history), it autocompletes inside the address bar. So instead of having to move to the arrow keys and scroll down to it, the best match is automatically filled out. I love this feature so much, but whenever I use a new machine, re-install my settings, or something, I have to look it up on Google again. So, I’m posting it here, for you and for me.

To enable autocomplete in the Firefox:

1. Go to about:config in the URL field and press enter.
2. Right-click somewhere on the page and choose New > Boolean value
3. Enter browser.urlbar.autoFill as the preference name (note, this is case-sensitive: ‘F’, not ‘f’). I just copy and paste it, makes it easier.
4. The value should default to true, but double check.

You’re done. So nice, so easy. Here’s a screen shot of it in action.

Firefox inline autocomplete

Special thanks to Geek Ramblings for this tip. I always went to his site to remember, but I just want to have it on my own site for ease of finding…

One thought on “Firefox Inline Autocomplete

  1. Eddie

    Is there any way to turn this OFF for specific urls like google? I like the inline autocomplete for forms, which works really well.

    But with google searches, very often I will search for four or five keywords in the search box, and then tweak my search after the first result by changing just one keyword. However, inline autocomplete knows better, and it always replaces what I just typed with a line from my history.

    I don;t want to do without it entirely, just exclude it from google.


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