Download POP Gmail from more than one computer

One of the major downers when using Gmail as your primary email account is that you can only download emails to one computer using POP. You can set it to not mark items as read or move them to archive, but if you go from one computer to another, each trying to download emails to the hard drive, you’ll only get each email once.

However, there is now a found workaround.

When entering your email address into your mail client, add “recent:” to the beginning of the account name, ( Now, Gmail will allow this client to get all email in the past 30 days that it hasn’t already downloaded, regardless of if it has already been downloaded by another client or not.

It’s been tested, and found that it does not download multiple instances of a single email on one machine, and does in fact seem to be the Golden Ticket for getting all your email on more than one machine.

Final note: Using “recent:” will only grab the past 30 days worth of email, so this won’t help you with a two-year-old account getting archived emails downloaded, but it’ll help you going forward.

Here’s a link to the Google Group discussion forum where this was discussed.

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