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Aaron Wall recommended this site in a recent TechCrunch comments thread, and I absolutely fell in love. I’m not much of a programmer, so I’m always bugging my partner to make me little scripts or do simple things for me when I need something, but this is the kind of thing that will help me be much more efficient and self-sustained.

Contact Form Generator

This site has a quick little wizard that will write and preview everything you need for a customized contact form. You enter where you want the form to send it’s contents (an email address), the subject of the email, and then you design the form with whatever fields you want. It writes up some php and gives you some code to embed in your site, as well as a php file to place on your server. It’s all very simple, and very fast. I love it.

I whipped up a little one and embedded it below to test it out.

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Created by Contact Form Generator

(Note: this script is not functioning. It is for demonstration purposes only, as I don’t need a form, and I don’t want any more spam.

It works pretty well, and took me two minutes to set up. However there are just a few things you should know.

1. You have to upload the php file into the same folder as the page you embedded the code into.
2. If you use multiword phrases, the script will automatically take out any spaces, which is fine for the actual values, but you’ll want to put them back in by hand in the embedded code. Only modify the text that immediately follows the < p > tag, and not inside the name=”multiwordphrase” area. That has to stay consistent.
3. If you embed this into a CMS like WordPress, it may contain line breaks from the copy and pasting. Those line breaks may be registered as unique paragraphs in WordPress’s WYSIWYG content editor. Make sure you preview the page before you publish (choosing save and continue editing, then scrolling down the content editor will give you a preview). Then you can go back and remove any wonky line breaks that are causing problems.

Update: Need a little more horsepower? Check out my post on Wufoo, the hosted form solution that is pretty much awesome.

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