Connecting Sequel Pro to Bluehost databases

I found the instructions to this in a thread over at bluehostforum, but thought I’d re-post them here and provide what worked for me.

I’m using Sequel Pro, formerly CocoaMySQL, to connect to databases on my Bluehost account. Here’s what I did.

To pull all the info together, I had to add my IP to:
Cpanel > Databases > RemoteMySql

When you launch that function in Bluehost’s Cpanel, it’ll list your IP address for you, so you just hit the Add button.

Then in Sequel Pro:
Host: your domain name w/o the http://www
Port: 3306

Add in the database name, username, and password and you’re good. Remember that your username is the first 8 letters of your primary domain, followed by an underscore and the actual username. Such as would be domainam_username.

Hope this helps.

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