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Download websites quickly using SSH and rsync instead of FTP

So, I’m a complete idiot around the command line, so when someone teaches me how to do something, I write it down so I don’t forget. Today Matt showed me how to quickly and much more easily download an entire online folder via SSH using rsync rather than the slow and tedious method of just using FTP like I had been.

Here’s how:
First, open Terminal or PUTTY or whatever you use. Navigate to the folder where you want the download to go to, then type this:

rsync -vraze ssh [username]@[host]:[path to files]

Remove all brackets, as they are only there to show placeholders.

an example would look like this;

rsync -vraze ssh jason@getbetterat.com:/path/to/files/* .

You'll have to enter a password, then VRROOOOMMM away it should go.

Hope this helps. And again, this is pretty obvious stuff to anyone who's used command or SSH before, but I don't, and it's online for my benefit...