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Part of getting better at things, is knowing where to look for the information. And for me, getting even better means consistently reading as much as I can from people who really understand whatever it is I’m trying to improve at. One of my hobbies is Internet Marketing. While I’m by no means even a hack Internet Marketer, I’m learning as much as I can, and am constantly trying new things. Someday, I hope my day will come, but for now, I consume as much information as possible. And where I look is EarnersBlog.

I stumbled upon this site very recently, and I think I’ve already read every post that’s been written. I’m constantly checking my feed reader, hoping for new posts, and always reading the entire post. I use Google Reader, and for every post that comes in, I find myself hitting “V” to open the full post in another window, allowing me to read it all (note: his feed does not post the entire article, which is why I go to his site to finish reading). I normally get annoyed by this, but I’m glad in the case of EarnersBlog as it allows me to keep valuable posts open in my tabs so I don’t forget about them, and can continue to go back and read over things again. So far, I’ve found these posts to be very valuable:

$800 a day with Yahoo Answers: The title says it all. Answer people’s questions with concise, helpful answers, but take advantage of the opportunity to include your own affiliate links. And honestly, the better your answer, the more chance you’ll have to convert. Everybody wins (unless you’re lying to point people to your affiliate products, which isn’t very nice, but that’s up to all of us to find our comfort zone. I’ll keep to suggesting things I believe in.)

How to Get Indexed: Quick Indexing Tool for New Sites: EarnersBlog points to a great tool at BlueHat SEO. This tool is really cool, you put in a bit of info, and BLAM! you’ve got yourself some organic links from social bookmarking sites immediately, and automatically. Helps getting those friendly Google bots to your site. I fully plan on trying it with this site once I get some more content built up. And I totally would not have known about it except for EarnersBlog.

Leveraging easy affiliate sales with Blogger: It covers creating simple one-off blogs in Blogger which redirect to affiliate sales pages. Brilliant.

Apple Iphone Traffic Surge: Forthcoming Technology Optimization: A post about making the most of upcoming niches and markets by being prepared and set up before the market even develops. ie. Getting in on the iPhone game would have been very nice.

Between my work and my home computer, I’ve probably got about 7 tabs dedicated to EarnersBlog open right now. I’m sure there are other sites out there giving away fantastic knowledge, but EarnersBlog tends to keep the signal to noise ratio very good, and is writing about things that I want to know. Keep it coming Stuart.

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