Is social the new search?

Personally, I believe that search is going to be broken up in the future, as I see it already starting to happen. For a while, Google was god, and you went there for everything, but not anymore. If I’m looking for a torrent, I go to a torrent search engine. If I’m looking for something I know is on Wikipedia, I just go straight to the Wikipedia page. If it’s something I’ve read before, I do a search in my feed reader.

Do I think Google will become obsolete? Absolutely not. They will continue to be the starting point for most people for most things. However, as we get better at searching, as our options improve, I think Google will cease to become the one-stop-shop for all your searching needs. Maholo, Facebook… I’m sure they’ll play a role, as I think the abilities of the masses will definitely begin to shape the search arena. But for that random shit, the obscure, the uber:niche, I think will continue to be served best by robots.

Just my opinion.

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2 thoughts on “Is social the new search?

  1. AdamD

    I’m tempted to agree with you about vertical search engines which specialize in a specific kind of content. However, in watching several people search the web, you might be amazed at the absolute faith they have in Google.

    Need to find out what films Robert DeNiro has been in? You or I would go to IMDb, but most would type his name into Google… even if they know about IMDb.

    This summer I had an intern in my office. To get to a page on Wikipedia, he adds “wiki” to his search term. I was shocked.

  2. Jason Post author

    You’re totally right. People are not that good at searching yet. HOWEVER, I think in the next 4 years, people will improve. YET, this is why I don’t think Google will be shut down, that in the end, it’s going to take a LOT of people a LONG time to figure out other search methods, and Google is going to have to get much much worse (due to spam) than they are now. Yet, that is very possible, because as much as they improve their algos, the truth is, they still return results that are combed and manipulated by professionals 90% of the time.


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