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WordPress for the iPhone

This is a test/ review of the new iPhone app from wordpress. It will be short since I am writing it from my iPhone, but so far, set up took less than a minute and I’m already composing. This is fantastic. It’s also COMPLETELY intuitive. Everything has been right where it should be, and the options are clear and concise.

At the moment I’m trying to add an image. Not completely obvious I guess, which is contrary to my last point. Oh well.


Update: It seems that when you’re typing in the body of the post, you only type. After you hit Done, you can then add an image (either from the camera or from the library), set a timestamp, edit the categories, etc. Then, you just hit publish.

The photo above was taken from my iPhone of the iTunes App Store showing the WordPress App. Special Note: The image was resized automatically, and automatically linked to the larger version of the image. This is also fantastic. I imagine someday you’ll be able to set preferences for the way this is handled, and what the thumbnail size is (for easier and more seamless integration into different themes), but for now, this is a fantastic 1.0 piece of software and I’m thrilled to have it in my arsenal.

Douchebag WordPress Plugin

Got a douchebag always leaving lame comments? Mark him with an icon that lets everyone know how you feel.

douchebag plugin

The Douchebag plugin for WordPress is pretty much the greatest idea ever. There are a lot of times when I dislike a comment, or a commenter in general, but you don’t want to a) delete the comment, or b) be a jerk to them by calling them out in the comments. With the douchebag plugin, you can quickly give them a very ‘not-so-subtle’ hint without censoring them or even typing a word.

the interweb is the greatest place in the world.

Check out the Douchebag Plugin at Young Go Getter

Quickly and easily add images to your site or blog without hotlinking

Man, I love adding cool images to my blog posts, but sometimes it can be a pain to find an image, download it, upload it, get the path, and blah blah blah. So, makes it easy to embed images in your site, but instead of hotlinking to the original source, imgred downloads it, places it on their own server, and allows you to hotlink from there.

But how does it work? Well, I tried it with this image from Lifehacker, who wrote up this very same topic.

Hotlinking from an article about hotlinking

So, if you see an image above, then it must be working.

As you can see from the image, all you have to do is add “” to the beginning of the absolute path to the image online. Pretty easy. Now, I’m about to hit submit and see if it works…

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Using Robots.txt to Protect WordPress from Google

I’ve found several people lately talking about using robots.txt files to help their ranking in Google and get pages out of the supplemental index. Especially if you use WordPress, you can quickly start having way too many pages that just list out your content, using up link juice, while your posts themselves are sitting there without enough PR to get indexed. The Archives pages, any Tags pages, Categories pages, Feed pages… They add up quickly, all showing pretty much similar content.

Read more about this at Earners Blog, and at Shoemoney. Both of these guys got a huge increase in traffic after they instituted a simple exclusion rules. Each have a different list that worked for them, so check out each post and make sure you read the comments, that’s where the real gold is at Shoemoney‘s site.

Setting up WordPress

WordPress has become the blog engine of choice these days as it’s super easy to set up, unbelievably flexible, and best of all, free. I’ve set it up for myself, clients, and friends probably over 30 times. Each time I get a bit faster at it, and each time I try and make sure I remember all the little, simple things you can do to make the most of your new blog. Here is my quicklist of don’t forgets. (for this tutorial, I’m assuming that you’re hosting your own blog, and it is not a hosted solution.)

1. Get yourself some hosting. I use
(aff) because it is amazingly quick to get started, they are super cheap, their sites run very fast, and they’re incredibly responsive whenever I have a problem. They also give you a free domain for using their service, so you don’t even have to pay for your domain…

2. While bluehost(aff) offers 1-click installs, I always recommend people just go and download the newest version of the software from WordPress. You’ll get the most recent version with any security issues patched. Download it here.
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